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Hey, I remember you, LJ

So whats going on, world?
Im still jobless, you know how it goes. Yeah, I even applied for a crappy job, but wow, it was crappy. I would end up losing money and not get benefits, even if I got it.
Nah, it doesnt really affect me too much. Sure, I hate not having a ton of cash, but I am lucky, and have a beautiful home and a man who treats me like gold, and pays me lots of attention.
During the day I do little chores, feed the baby squirrels I have for now, and make supper happen. After supper me and the man sit in front of the TV like good Americans. He continues his work stuff and I craft. Im trying to push out some dream catchers. Did I mention I am going to try vending at my first ren fair? Yeah, it is pretty scary. Im luck that most of what I use is found objects. Of course theres money involved, but it could be worse. The best parts? Ill be sitting next to a dear friend for the whole weekend! And its on an Animal Sanctuary. Cant get a lot better than that for me. I have no idea how to do pricing, though. Only two weeks left, wow.
Other than a ton of gifts from my cats, the animals are doing great. I have a mouse now, Neville Longbottom. He was saved from my moms cat, and I bottle fed him. He is a riot, super sweet. Have one tank set up, but Im going to have to move it, which is frustrating. However, things are good.
By the way, I know I meant to invite you, but I might have forgotton, you know my brain. On the weekend of July 2-4th theres a weekendlong party at my new house. Should be a ton of fun, you really should stop by. Id love to see you.
I guess Ill get going. Have to be domestic. Grocerys wont buy themselves. Besides, I was promised a date tonight. Makes me all fluttery. What will I wear?

It was good to catch up. Yeah, Id love to do it again. Call me.

muscle needed

If anyone has time on Sunday (the 11th) I could use some help moving items, mostly boxes.
I know there is an event that day, but Im hoping some non newbies will be free. Because Newbies should be hitting the event, which I fully endorse.

Thanks all, email or comment for details


Come visit our new abode.



This is 100% awwww inducing.

houses, mouses and vikings

We close on the 31st!!
Cant wait to putter in a yard, paint and make the house OURS.

Mice are doing well, all things considered. If you missed it, I had to remove 4 baby mice (about 24 hours old) from my moms grill. The mother ran away, and the cats were lurking. So I took them home. One died on the way home, one was almost dead. Managed to get it going again by rubbing it. they are too small to feed with an eye dropper, so they get the tip of a qtip soaked in formula every 2 hours. Its going well, altho at the last feeding (about 1 hr ago) the almost died one is almost dead again. the other two are doing well. ears are up, the have whiskers and teeth showing. eyes are tightly closed, and no fur at all. But you can see their hearts through the skin, pretty cool.

Im researching a SCA persona. Im leaning towards 10-1100 vikings (scandinavian)
Ive got the outfitt planned, a simple apron dress. but the name is turning out to be tricky. I found one list of female names, which kind of crack me up. Names like Thora, Hellgarda, Ingun, and Borghilde. I like Astrid, Swanwhite (no kidding) and Dylla. Tough Fenja is kinda cool, like Freya.

Also debating a medieval type of char, but would go for 13-1500s, no clue on where.
I just want to make pretty dresses. :)

So then he says "lets freak the dogs out"

Jay and I are enjoying a quiet night. We are both seated on the couch. From right to left, it is Jay playing Civ 4 (Im jealous) me in the middle with my lappy, with Peanut then Attilla sharing a princess pillow. The two chugs have settled down and are almost napping. Which means its about 3 minutes to the snoring starts. But Jay had an idea. "Lets freak the dogs out" Which can be done a few ways. Tonight we went with weaving our heads at each other while making grow-ly noises. The dogs barely acknowledged this, so we went with hand waving and louder growls.
Both dogs leaped up, barked at us twice, then chased a random cat out of the room.

What the hell were they thinking?
(Who cares what the neighbors think)

oddly, Im happy and posting about it.

You would think that with not having a job, I would have the time to update my LJ more often. I do have the time, you see. I just kind of forget.
But, all you really need to know is that, while things are not perfect, they are pretty close.
Jay and I are doing great. All the risks and the rough start were worth it. Its good to have something stable and sure in life. our house is going to be a real home, and our friends will visit us, I can feed them. in the summer I can plant a garden, swim in the pool, and dabble in the fish pond (to be built)
While I miss friends who have moved on, I am not lonely. Living with your best friend is wonderful. I honestly heard it could be this sweet, but didnt know it was real. It was worth the fight to get to this height. I know why people climb mountains now.

but, still no job. At this point, I think my job will be packing, moving and unpacking. While this is happening, I am going to plink at emerson hospital until they get sick of me and employ me.
Yup, thats the plan. Its going to work, too.

BEST commercial since the ranch tooth

PS. i love you all, but dont check LJ every day. If you want me to see a post, just lemme know.

House hunting is hopefully at an end. We had the home inspection today for 12 Second St in Maynard. 90% of the house is perfect. However, the roof, and the foundation under the screen porch need some serious work. Trying to figure out the way to make this deal a go.
The land is pretty, the house is SO well kept its crazy. The only room I want to repaint is the master bedroom, which is a pale melon green, a very pastel color. Its really not awful, but Id like something a little more earthy, I think. But as the master bath is my fav shade of green, not sure what to paint the main room. suggestions?

realms thoughts

The event yesterday reminded me that while I want to invest energy in my real life, I do still love Realms as a community. I miss the questing, I miss helping. I feel that enough of my life has stabilized and healed that I can start to give of myself, instead of struggling to merely get by.
That being said, I have a pile of projects Im thinking of tinkering with. anyone want to help me?
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No major projects for now, still wary of getting super involved again, but this is enough to test the waters.
two items of note
1 my laptop is dying. thinking of a netbook. thoughts? I only want to play online, watch movies, listen to music type of thing.

2- this is the video of how to make nickleback barable it makes me laugh SO hard.

it IS SFW, but you need sound.